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Can I continue to use my foaming shave soap with my Bakscape?

We know that sometimes change is hard, but we promise it's worth it!Our specially formulated Shave Soap has been carefully crafted to work in tandem with our Precision Shave Head, ensuring that there's no build-up of soap and that you're left with a

Do I really need to use Shave Soap?

When it comes to shaving, a smooth, comfortable, and effective experience is what we all want. And that's exactly what our Shave Soap delivers! Not only is it formulated to create a rich, luxurious lather that glides effortlessly across your skin, bu

Whats the deal with this After Balm? Do I need it?

Our carefully crafted formula is designed to provide the ultimate TLC for your skin, with a range of nourishing and protective ingredients that work together to leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated. At the heart of our After Balm is a blend of