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Can I use Bakscape on other parts of my body?Updated 4 months ago


Bakscape is not just a back shaver, it's a versatile grooming tool that can be used for much more than just tackling back hair. You can remove the Shaver from the Shave Stick and use it in the palm of your hand for a smooth shave on your chest, arms, legs or head. 

Just keep in mind that your Precision Shave Head works best on hair that is less than 3mm. For longer hair, use the Trimmer Head first to avoid clogging the Precision Shave Head.

The best part? Your Precision Shave Head allows you to shave in any direction, whether you prefer wet or dry shaving. No need to ask someone else for help or miss hard-to-reach areas. With Bakscape, you can get the job done quickly and enjoy having smooth skin all the time - not just after a major shave.

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